Ulster Project College Scholarships Continue!

Saturday, October 5, 2013 Posted By: Toby Gilman 

For the second year, UPA is proud to announce that it will continue to offer two (2) $1000 college scholarships for one host Boy and one Host girl for each Project Year (as was initiated for the first time in the 2013 Project Year). There are no restrictions for the use of the awarded scholarship, and it can be applied to tuition, books, and/or living expenses at any college or university of your choice. For each Project Year, the scholarships will be awarded 2 years after your participation in the July Project (i.e., for most Host teens, this will mean during your Senior year of High School.) As formulated under current guidelines, the interested Teen applicant must complete four requirements for scholarship eligibility. These requirements are:

  • (1) Submit ALL required Project year application paperwork by the website-published due date each year (typically January 15th--prior to the beginning of current year's Project in late June/ early July)
  • (2) Draft and submit a one-page essay (guidelines to be given to each Host Teen during the Project year) within 4 weeks after the conclusion of your respective Project year
  • (3) Ensure that your Counselors for your Project Year have completed their evaluation of your Project behavior/contributions, within 4 weeks after the conclusion of your respective Project year
  • (4) Attend an interview with the UPA Board of Directors in the February-April timeframe of your Senior year in High School.
For any further clarification, please submit any requests for information about the College Scholarships to: UPATX President submitted no later than January 15th. If you are selected to participant in the Project, all other details for eligibility will be shared with you at your first Orientation Meeting.

Host Family Applications and Volunteer Needs for 2014

Saturday, October 1, 2013 Posted By: Toby Gilman 

As of September 30th, the Ulster Project of Arlington will begin accepting Applications for Host Teens/Families to be selected for the 2014 Project Year. Any Teen, in order to be eligible must be 14 years of age by June 15th of their desired Project year, and not yet 17 years of age prior to August 1st of their desired Project year. Application forms may be found by clicking on the forms tab on the top of this homepage. For any further information, please submit your questions to: Recruiting@upatx.com

Project Counselors. In addition, for any young adults (21 years of age or older) who wish to work with the Ulster group of Teens in the month of July, while also earning $2000 in wages for the month, please find, fill out and submit the Counselor Application, by clicking on the "forms" tab on the top of this homepage.

Volunteer Needs for 2014 Every Project year, the Ulster Project relies upon a very large number of generous volunteers to deliver all of the Fundraising assistance and Activity planning and support that have been recognized as the hallmarks of a very high quality Project, hosted by the churches, families and leadership in the Arlington program. While our Board and Executive Committee positions are mostly filled for our upcoming 2014 Project year, one key opening is for the VP of Activities chair, which would work directly with the 2014 President, and lead the coordination of Volunteers who support our July slate of roughly 65-70 activities that are provided for Teen and Host Family participants. For a complete list of all other Volunteer openings, if you wish to lend your support in 2014, please e-mail: president@upatx.com (for the relevant Excel spreadsheet of Volunteer openings).

Kroger's Neighbor to Neighbor Program Helps Ulster Project Arlington

July 22nd Posted By: Carlo Laneri 

Click [HERE] to go to the link that explains how it works and to print the bar code needed. Shop at Kroger, present the bar code upon checkout and Ulster Projects receives a donation towards the project.

Background Check Every Year

April 20th Posted By: Dan Mathys

Reminder to ALL adults (18 or older) participating in the Ulster Project: a Background Check authorization form needs to be turned in each year you participate. Click HERE to download or print your PDF form for a Background Check and send it in to Dan Mathys or mail it to Ulster Project Arlington, P.O. Box 150701, Arlington, Texas, 76015.

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