August 2012

Due to the existing political situation in Northern Ireland, the delicacy of this undertaking cannot be overstated.

The effects of the most innocent statement to the media by those of us involved in the Ulster Project or by the Northern Irish teens could bring about problems, both immediate and delayed, for the Project, and more importantly for our guests upon return to their native land.

It must be emphasized that Ulster Project- Arlington does not have a position on political options in Northern Ireland.


  2. All media (electronic or print) inquires shall be directed to the president of the Ulster Project Arlington Texas at

  3. The media shall interview no project participant unless specifically approved by the President of Ulster Project Arlington Texas.

  4. On field trips (outside the Arlington, TX area) the person in charge must first approve all media requests for interviews.

  5. The adult in charge of an activity will report all media interviews to the President of Ulster Project Arlington Texas. Obtain the media person’s name, address, organization, phone number, and when/where the interview will likely appear.

  6. No Northern Irish youth shall be interviewed unless previously approved by one of the two Northern Irish counselors. The interview will be conducted with one of the counselors present.