Hosting or Joining

One key role (perhaps “the” key role) in making the Project successful is the participation of the Host Families. This critical and important factor means that Project Leadership in Arlington needs to complete selection and commitment of well matched Host Families as soon as possible.

The Northern Irish teens will all be within a few months of 15 years of age (plus or minus 6 months), when teens leave Northern Ireland to come to Arlington, and none will be more than just over 16, when the summer ends. They generally have completed the U.S. equivalent of the ninth grade. Typically, teens from Northern Ireland are mature in terms of responsibility. They do not have as much choice about their lives as American teens.

Although trying to ensure teen and Host Family matching to account for the same general age and grade level of the American host teen, any teen who is at least 14 years of age and having completed the eighth grade by June of the Project summer, will be considered as hosts. The host teens and their families must be ready to make a commitment to the Project from late June through late July, because the "bridge-building" effort will focus on the combined group for that month.  The selection process requires a Project Leadership visit with both the prospective teens and parent(s).  We will also need Host Families for the two Adult Counselors from Belfast.  Host Families for the Counselors do not need to have a teen at home and the Counselors are at least 21 years old.

If you are interested in being a Host Family, we need to hear from you promptly.  In addition to the sixteen Host-teen Families in each category, we would like to have one alternate host teen in each category.  Protestant: 4 Girl Families and 4 Boy Families needed and for Catholic: 4 Girl Families and 4 Boy Families needed.  **All persons 18 or older that reside in the host family home during the project are required to complete the Adult Volunteer form which includes a Background Check Authorization.

Interested?    Contact Recruiting

Email Linda Hoffer @

Mail your applications to: Ulster Project Arlington, P.O. Box 150701, Arlington, Texas, 76015

**Don't forget, all adults participating in the 2011 Project must complete a Background Check authorization form each year you participate. Click HERE to download or print your PDF form for a Background Check and send it in.


If you have a teen-ager, 14-16 years old (you cannot turn 17 before August 1st), you may qualify as a Hosting Family.

There are sixteen slots available for Host teens for the Project which will run from the end of June to the end of July.  (Exact dates are determined by Northern Ireland in March-April)

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