Ulster Project Arlington Texas 2022

Tuesday February 8 2022


Due to current pandemic, we will not be hosting in 2022.
Please check back in September for news on 2023 project year.

Ulster Project Arlington Texas 2021

Monday September 20 2021


We are so proud of our 2021 Ulster Project teens. In a jam packed ten day period, they participated in three community service projects, a team building ROPES course, three Discovery sessions, Protestant and Catholic Worship Services, a Day Trip to the Comal River and Austin, Sailing with the Arlington Yacht Club, Flying with EEA Young Eagles, Line Dancing, swimming and more! Please view all the fun we had this summer in our photo gallery.

About Ulster Project

July 2020


Please watch the following video for more information about the Ulster project and the impact we have on our member's lives.

=> Ulster Project Arlington Video <=

Background Check Every Year

Reminder to ALL adults (18 or older) participating in the Ulster Project: a Background Check authorization form needs to be turned in each year you participate. Click HERE to download or print your PDF form for a Background Check and send it in to Bill Zacharias or mail it to Ulster Project Arlington, P.O. Box 150701, Arlington, Texas, 76015.

**If you have an interesting story you would like to see posted, please CONTACT US!  Our Ulster Teens are Outstanding!


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